Welcome to your room in De Woondiversiteit!


  • There are 116 rooms at De Woondiversiteit;
  • The rooms are spread over four floors and 13 living units;
  • You live with a maximum of nine other housemates;
  • The rooms in De Woondiversiteit vary from 10 m2 to 20 m2;
  • The prices of the rooms are from € 215.00 excl. Service costs to € 318.00 excl. Service costs.

Common rooms

  • Each living unit has its own living kitchen of approximately 25 m2;
  • Each residential unit has its own sanitary facilities;
  • There is a common floor space on every floor in De Woondiversiteit;
  • On the ground floor there is an activity room of 102 m2;
  • There is a communal laundry on the ground floor;
  • In the large inner garden there are sports facilities, relaxation areas and vegetable gardens.
woonkamers De Woondiveristeit