Students, starters and young refugees living together in one housing project

The Woondiversiteit is a housing project for young people who want to make an effort in their community

. There are 116 student rooms being created for Dutch students, starters and young refugees who just received their residence permit. The youngsters together will build a community and help eachother.

The goal of the project is not the housing itself but creating a good start for every resident. The Woondiversiteit is a place where everyone helps eachother, creates memories and organizes a safe and clean environment where we all feel at home.

To make the Woondiversiteit a success we only want the best

When are you eligible?

  • You are between 18 and 28 years old
  • You are socially concerned and can show it via your resumeĀ Please note that the goal of De Woondiversiteit is to build a community, so the duration of your stay is of important when we make selections
  • You are a student of the University of Applied Science or the University, you are just graduated and your salary is not aboveā€¦
  • You have an income
  • You speak Dutch/English and one ore more other languages
  • You have a guaranteer