The Woondiversiteit is a special project in which young people do it themselves.

Together you ensure a livable, clean and safe living environment.

You are one of the links that makes the community stronger and people feel at home.

Villex will also appoint ‘Diversity Captains’ and a caretaker, they ensure that the management is optimally executed.

The captain is responsible for his or her floor and ensures that common areas are clean, livable and safe.

The caretaker is responsible for the quality of life of the entire building.

Everything that can be organized by the residents will be organized by the residents.

Buddy rol

  • An example function and contact point;
  • Eating together, doing activities together indoors and outdoors;
  • Transferring standards and values;
  • Signaling problems with a status holder;
  • Actively trying to contribute to social management.